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Trucker risks life to save fellow driver pinned in double semi crash 


A truck driver leapt into action to save a fellow driver involved in a wreck with another semi truck in Kentucky on Wednesday evening. 

The rescue occurred on Wednesday, November 16th in Kenton County, Kentucky on an on-ramp along Interstate 75. 

Trucker Rodney Jones Sr. says he was driving his rig along his usual route from the airport when he saw a semi truck crash into the back of another, with a car also involved. Jones decided then to pull over onto the ramp connecting I-75 and I-275 in Erlanger and see what he could do to help, reported Fox 19 News.

“I went to the first truck, and the driver was kind of in-and-out of it,” Jones said. “I asked if he was alright, and he said, ‘Yes.’” But Jones says the driver in the second truck was a different story. 

“When I got to that truck, it was smashed,” Jones recalled. “The driver was in the truck yelling, ‘Help! Help! Help!’” That driver was pinned in his seat by the steering wheel and was losing feeling in his legs. 

“I said, ‘All right, calm down, help is here, help is here, calm down,’” Jones said.

Jones and another passerby then tried to pull the door open but were unsuccessful, so the two smashed a window open on the opposite side. The men were still unable to get inside, so they stayed with the trapped driver until first responders could arrive. 

As the first responders worked, Jones moved his truck to direct traffic and shield the crash scene. The trapped driver was taken to a hospital, but his condition, along with the cause of the wreck, is not known. 

“I was pretty excited about the story,” said Daphne Jones, Rodney’s wife. “I was telling him, ‘Oh my God, babe, you’re a hero!’ I’m like, ‘That’s amazing that you jumped out of your truck and you helped someone.’ I was pretty pumped about what he did.”

“I did say to him, ‘Oh my God, you got out on the expressway! What you know, that’s pretty dangerous!’ I want to keep you.”

He replied, “I didn’t even think about the danger or anything around me. Somebody needed help.”

Jones continued: “The Bible says do unto others as he would have others do unto you. I’ve been a truck driver for over 30 years and I’ve been blessed to never have been in an accident like that. But I’m pretty sure if I were involved in an accident, I would appreciate someone to stop and try to assist and help me as well.”


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