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Trucker says this dash cam video of a near-pileup is ‘clear proof’ of why CB radios should stay on


A trucker recently shared dash cam video of a highway close call that could have become a catastrophic crash — but wasn’t thanks to the CB radio.

The dash cam clip was shared by RusTheMadTrucker on October 31, 2022.

From the video description:

I was driving down interstate 40, there was a wreck in front of me. I heard the wreck over the CB radio before I even saw it. the CB give me an additional three seconds to respond and plan my next Manoeuvre. I glanced in my rearview mirror and I saw the truck behind me, Brakes smoking with the trailer leaning towards the left. I moved over to the emergency lane to give the driver behind me additional space to correct this skid. always use all the tools available. the CB radio is and should always be considered a safety tool. my radio is always on, and this is clear proof why it will always stay on.

Take a look at the video below.


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