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Trucker temporarily placed out of service due to ID system glitch


A truck driver has been temporarily placed out of service through no fault of his own thanks to a computer system glitch that failed to list his CDL endorsements. 

Dustin Crosswhite drives an oil tanker out of Enid, Oklahoma, but hasn’t worked at all since Saturday, February 26th because of a computer glitch discovered by the officer that pulled him over. 

“It was a level two inspection, which is pretty routine,” Crosswhite said of the officer pulling him over. Crosswhite handed the officer his CDL license, which lists all of his endorsements, most importantly the “H.” However, when the officer returned after running Crosswhite’s information, he informed Crosswhite that his Hazmat endorsement was not showing up in the computer system. 

“I didn’t know what the deal was,” Crosswhite said to Oklahoma’s News 4. “I thought maybe I had done something wrong.”

Crosswhite then provided the officer with a receipt showing that he had renewed his hazmat endorsement in May of 2021, and the officer documented the fact that Crosswhite’s license also showed the hazmat endorsement, but the officer temporarily placed Crosswhite out of service for the discrepancy anyway. 

Since then, Crosswhite has done his best to remedy the issue by visiting the DPS in Enid, but he says long lines and extended hold times have prevented him from getting any help. He says he’s even contacted the Governor’s office, but still hasn’t gotten any answers. 

“I don’t want to go stand in the line at DPS,” he said. “I went out there. They already had a sign up, ‘We’re at capacity,’ ‘Come back another day,’ I don’t have another day.”

“I just want to go back to work,” Crosswhite says, claiming that he and his family are losing out on hundreds of dollars a day due to his inability to return to work. 

“This just needs to be fixed,” he said. “I don’t have time to sit and wait for days or weeks. I mean, this is my livelihood.”


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