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Truckers feel nearly 30% less appreciated than during pandemic, study shows 


A recent study shows that drivers are feeling less appreciated than during the height of the pandemic and supply chain issues in the last few years. 

The survey was carried out by Truckstop between August 18th and August 25th, 2022 and had 500 truck driver respondents. 

In the survey, 67% of drivers responded that they feel their job is appreciated. This compares to 96% during last year’s supply chain challenges – That’s a total of 29% fewer drivers feeling appreciated. 

The survey also revealed that:

  • 83% of drivers experience daily challenges related to recent increases in fuel prices 
  • 74% of drivers are concerned about pressure to work longer hours due to the driver shortage
  • 67% of drivers believe that the current pay levels are high enough to attract new drivers to the industry, and keep seasoned drivers from leaving. 
  • 61% of drivers say that they are benefitting positively from fluctuating spot markets 
  • 68% say they find it challenging to keep up with insurance-related matters and changing industry regulations
  • 26% of drivers say that fluctuating spot market rates have impacted their revenue positively and they are making 24% more as a result

“Each and every day, we appreciate the unwavering commitment made by our nation’s truck drivers to keeping the country moving and are thankful for the sacrifices they make day in and day out,” said Kendra Tucker, chief executive officer of Truckstop.


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