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Truckers say the Montana roads “weren’t bad at all” through last night’s winter weather 


Truckers say that the roads weren’t that bad in Montana last night, despite the winter weather and reports of multiple crashes. 

There were several highway closures southeast of Billings, Montana on the evening of December 12th, and roads were deemed rough on Interstate 94 east of Billings and on Interstate 90 west of Billings as well. 

Despite these reports, truckers stopping off at the Pilot say that the weather wasn’t preventing them from completing their trips. 

“I’m coming from Missoula,” said A.Z., a truck driver, to KTVQ.  “Roads are good. It’s kind of slippery, but it’s okay. I can’t complain because the weather conditions, the people are cleaning (the roads).”

“I didn’t get in snow till closer to Cody,” said Michael Cottrill, another truck driver. “Then after I left Cody to up here to Billings, it started to get a little bit heavier, but the roads weren’t bad at all.”

“That’s a dedicated route,” said Kevin Roy, who was on his way to Great Falls. “I do it every night, so I know what to expect. It can be a little tedious obviously, but like I said, I know what to expect so I’m used to the route, the roads.”

“For any cars trucks, even rigs in this visibility, if it’s going to be really bad, you’re going real slow either pull over or put on your hazards,” said Roy.

“When the snow’s falling, bad weather, just use some common sense and drive to your comfort level,” Cottrill said. “(If you) drive past your comfort level, you get a little nervous.”


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