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VIDEO: Angry lady chucks cone at delivery driver 


A woman threw a temper tantrum by throwing a traffic cone at a delivery driver in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, a driver is parked in an alley in Evanston making his usual Monday & Thursday delivery when a woman squeezes by his truck in the alley and then approaches the traffic cones. The woman then sticks her hand out the window and throws the traffic cone aside, as if she were angry that the driver and his tools were in the alley in the first place. 

The delivery driver then walks over to the woman as she is about to drive off, appearing to reprimand her behavior, but the woman is not having it. She throws the car in park and exits the vehicle, gesturing wildly before kicking a traffic cone and then throwing it at the delivery driver as he walks away from the conversation. 

“I wish the audio picked up her incoherent screaming about ‘illegal parking’ and ‘ruining the neighborhood,’” wrote the video poster in the comment section. 

The video poster and delivery driver went on to share that the two have a court date set for July 14th, as he is pressing charges for assault. 

“It’s just a criminal citation for assault so – no DA! Just us and a judge. The court date is only for her to contest the ticket, which she already has told all of us she will do, so I will be there to watch her babble to the judge and provide my statement with the video,” the driver wrote. 

Check out the encounter for yourself, below. 


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