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VIDEO: Can you guess what led to this driver’s behavior?


A driver appears to absolutely lose his mind in this destructive video – What do you think led to this?

In the clip, a driver can be seen standing on top of his truck in some sort of truck yard, bashing the windshield with some sort of crowbar as another employee drives by.

It’s unclear what led up to this behavior, but many viewers had the same guess: Money. 

 “If I saw some shit like that I would definitely assume it’s about money,” commented one. 

“Now he’s not getting his check, and will have to come out his own pockets. Smh,” added another. 

“His problem is with the people running the company, not the truck. i understand the anger and frustration, but taking it out on the truck does nothing,” pointed out a third. 

“Yard dog ain’t paid to give a f*ck lol I know I wouldn’t do nothing but watch from afar,” giggled yet another. 

“He’s never getting another truck driving job again. We know that for sure,” wrote one more. 

Check out the anger for yourself below.


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