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VIDEO: Company demos fifth wheel tech designed to prevent deadly truck rollovers


A truck safety technology company recently released dramatic video highlighting a product designed to prevent truck rollovers.

Axicle Engineering recently shared new video that uses a jet engine to show off the company’s fifth wheel tech, dubbed the “Axicle Tractor Anti Rollover System” (TARS), which is designed to quickly jettison the trailer in order to keep the truck upright during a rollover.

Axicle describes how the product works:

Compatible with all Fontaine, SAF holland, and JOST rails, Axicle’s fifth wheel contains two independent latching mechanisms that are used to secure it to the tractor at an optimal distance apart.  The clamping systems only release when their corresponding actuators are triggered during an unrecoverable rollover condition. From there, gravity simply separates the trailer from the vehicle. The Axicle TARS fifth wheel can either fully detach, or remain attached on one side.

Our fifth wheel will never prematurely jettison the trailer to millesecond reliability – faster than any driver or autonomous driving assistance feature.

The company says that if TARS technology were widely integrated throughout the trucking industry, it could prevent more than 8,800 severe injuries and 350 deaths each year in the U.S.

You can see the demo video below.


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