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VIDEO: Concrete chunk shoots through windshield mere inches from driver’s head


A truck driver narrowly avoided death after a chunk of concrete flew through his windshield and into his bunk in this scary video. 

In the video, a fellow driver inadvertently kicks up a chunk of concrete broken off the roadway and sends it flying through the filming driver’s windshield. 

“S​​eemed to be a huge chunk off the road broke off flying into my windshield, hit the top bunk first then hit my steering wheel and finally bouncing off of my face,” explained the video poster. 

“Because of the speed of it, I didn’t even realize it flew all the way to the back of my truck before bouncing back towards the driver side area.”

The driver also provided pictures of the aftermath.

That could have ended really bad. Glad the driver is okay. Stay safe out there!

Check out the video, below. 


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