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VIDEO: Could this be the actual reason for clogged ports?


A guy puts in some “big boy work” at a shipping port in this slightly alarming video. 

In the clip, a dockworker of some kind showcases a very poorly stacked mountain of shipping containers and compares it to the neatly, correctly stacked mountain of shipping containers on the other side of the dock. 

“Everybody claims they want to make big boy money,” he says, panning over the very dangerous, precarious looking pile of shipping containers.

“If you wanna make all that big boy money you gotta come do some big boy sh*t.”

“What it’s supposed to like like – What it actually looks like,” he continues, panning to both stacks. “I’m about to go in here with a torch and start cutting all this sh*t apart.”

And to think for a while they were blaming truckers for the port backlogs…

Check out the video, below. 


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