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VIDEO: Driver completely unaffected by the chaos happening around him


This truck driver has seen too much to be alarmed by the series of unfortunate events happening around him. 

In the clip, the driver first notices a truck in the ditch on the opposite side of the highway. Then, the four-wheelers driving beside him start acting up and a brief moment of chaos ensues. 

A car passes the truck and then seemingly slows down, causing the speeding car behind it to hit the brakes. That second car then spins around and skids across the road before making another spin and coming to a stop in front of the trucker, who seems almost entirely unfazed by what just happened. 

Would you be able to maintain such a calm demeanor in a situation like this? Check out the video, below. 


(Disclaimer: not my video) calmest driver ever in bad situation. #ohno #spinout #ifykyk #truckerlife #fyp #trucktok #wow #brownpants

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