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VIDEO: Driver just doesn’t care anymore 


A truck driver is all out of cares to give in this short dash cam clip. 

In the video, a truck driver is traveling along when he notices a driver to his left acting just a little bit inappropriately. 

A work pickup and a semi truck suddenly pull into the camera view, revealing a truck driver who is following incredibly closely to the pickup. 

“Oh s**t!” exclaims the filming trucker as he realizes what’s happening. 

“He’s in a big rush so he can go sit at the consignee for the next 5 hours trying to get unloaded early. I don’t get it man. Driving like this is high stress. Just relax and be patient!” wote one viewer. 

“I don’t get this. If I get more than 5 secs I’m getting uncomfortable. 6 is nice. This kinda of following distance is maniacal,” added another. 

Watch the short clip, below. 


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