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VIDEO: Driver makes fun of himself for losing his s***t in front of his kid 


A truck driver realizes he may have overreacted after getting in a fender-bender with his kid along for the ride on this video. 

In the clip, the filming driver is stopped on the curb when another truck passes by just a little too closely and scrapes his rig, causing an unfortunate crunch. 

As soon as the filming driver realizes what happened, he launches into a rage. It isn’t until several curses in that his kid can be heard in the background. 

The driver who messed up eventually gets out of his truck and comes around the side to check out the damage he caused, offering a ‘I’m sorry’ gesture in response to the trucker’s arguably excessively angry response. 

“My commentary is amazing,” jokes the filming driver in the caption.

“Almost lost my cool there. Almost. I’m glad I didn’t though,” he continues sarcastically. 

“People saying calm down, don’t realize this simple “accident” can wind up as a missed house payment, missed truck payment, and can change a life,” commented one viewer. 

“People don’t understand… damages = down time, lost money, lost loads, upset customers. especially if you are an owner operator,” agreed another. 

“Chris Farley is still alive driving truck,” joked a third. 

Check out the dramatic response to a not-so-dramatic crash, below.

@the.tarpologist My commentary is amazing. #fyp #idiotdrivers #viral ♬ original sound – Brad Pletcher

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