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VIDEO: Driver nudges bicyclist out of way for blocking intersection


A truck driver was caught on camera nudging a bicyclist out of their path with their truck in Canada earlier this week. 

The video was captured by a bystander at the corner of Ontario Street and 12th Avenue in Vancouver on February 6th. 

In the video, a bicyclist traveling with a group of other bikers appears to intentionally move in front of the rig at an intersection during a green light. The trucker refuses to yield to the biker and instead moves slowly towards the person, gently nudging them out of the way with the nose of the truck and forcing the person to carry their bike out of the rig’s path. 

The truck then continues on its way, a pickup hauling a trailer with protest signs following in its wake. 

After the video was posted to Twitter, upset viewers contacted the trucking company, Van Dokk Transport Ltd., who informed them that the driver had been fired, reported Hope Standard.

“We do not support or condone the actions of that driver,” Van Dokkumburg wrote in an email. 

“This action was not permitted by us and we cannot stand behind it. We have already removed the driver from his position here, and we want it to be known that his actions were his alone.”


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