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VIDEO: Former FMCSA compliance officer dispels myth about white sheets in your sleeper berth


A former trucker and FMCSA employee is using TikTok to help truckers get a better understanding of the regulations they must follow.

TikTok user HMMikeNM (aka Michael Millard) describes himself as a military veteran turned truck driver turned FMCSA compliance officer who now works as a motor carrier regulations consultant.

On his TikTok channel, HMMikeNM breaks down and contextualizes trucking rules and often provides insight into the history behind the regulations drivers are required to follow today.

One the channel’s most popular videos goes into sleeper berth requirements, including the often cited “white sheet” rule.

Check out the video below.

@hmmikenm @tebtengri78 ♬ original sound – HMMikeNM

Indiana State Police also confirmed that the white sheet rule is a myth.


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