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VIDEO: Furry co-pilot decides temporarily abandoned sandwich belongs to him 


A truck driver captured a furry food thief in the act in this short clip. 

In the video, a driver is walking through a truck stop parking lot when he notices a dog up on the dashboard of a truck, helping himself to an apparently abandoned sandwich. 

The dog then notices someone has caught him in the act and backs away from the food, licking his chops as he disappears into the cab. 

“I watched this dog and asked people inside the Love’s whose truck, so I can warn them….” wrote the video poster. “It was a lady in the women’s restroom so she didn’t hear me… Shit was funny.”

“I had my dog trained not to eat anything that wasnt either in or bowl or given to her from my hand,” commented one viewer. “I had a single incident where she ate my sub from ocharleys and after that, we had an entirely different training regimen. Took weeks, but totally worth the effort.”

Check out the giggle-inducing video, below.


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