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VIDEO: Ice road trucker credits ‘angel on her shoulder’ for avoiding this hood-latch disaster


An ice road trucker narrowly avoids a very serious situation in this harrowing clip. 

In the video, an ice road trucker is making her way across a portage when her hood latch suddenly fails, allowing her hood to flutter up and down , threatening to block her view. 

“Oh no, go down!” the lady trucker can be heard saying to the rogue hood. 

“You can’t just stop on a portage,” the video reads. “There was a convoy behind us, a loaded truck headed towards us.” she had no choice but to hope and pray that the hood stayed put. 

After several minutes of slight flapping in the wind, the hood suddenly sits back down in its proper place. “It was like someone pushed it down,” the trucker wrote of the incident. 

“I must have an angel on my shoulder. Thank you.”

Check out the harrowing video, below.

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