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VIDEO: Man’s leg run over in road rage encounter with trucker


A truck driver appears to have run over the leg of a road raging motorist in this quick clip. 

The video was filmed in southeast Melbourne, Australia, possibly along Jackson Road. 

In the clip, a cabover and a motorist attempt to merge at the same time, until the motorist eventually blocks the trucker from entering the lane and gets out of his car. 

The motorist then gets out of his car and approaches the trucker very aggressively. The pair then shouts at each other briefly before the motorist appears to strike the trucker’s cab, and that’s when the trucker decides he’s had enough. 

The trucker then allows his rig to lurch forward just a bit, but apparently the movement was enough to strike the motorist who suddenly exclaims “Ah my leg, my leg! Get off!”

The truck driver, seemingly unbothered by the apparent injury, tells the motorist to “get out, you f**king idiot,” and that’s where the video ends. 

Was the truck driver right to defend himself from the motorist’s aggressive advances? Check the clip out for yourself, below.


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