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VIDEO: Motorists try to warn dump truck driver about raised bed, but big bridge strike happens anyway


Dash cam video captures the moment that that a dump truck with a raised bed struck an overpass in Ontario on Wednesday.

The accident occurred early Wednesday morning in Mississauga as a dump truck traveling on Highway 401 hit an overpass and left the dump bed behind, wedged between the bridge and the highway.

In video shared by YouTube user Alejandro Ruiz, you can hear the motorist following behind the dump truck driver honking repeatedly to try to warn them about the raised bed. The dump truck driver doesn’t heed the warning, and you can see sparks fly as the bed hits the overpass and detaches from the rest of the truck.

Check out the video below (strong language warning).

OPP later tweeted:

“Dump box up = empty the load
Dump box down = drive
Seems this wasn’t followed today.”


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