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VIDEO: North Dakota troopers use snow plow to clear stuck big rig


After a truck became stuck on a North Dakota roadway, a snow plow was brought in to (legally!) help clear the vehicle off the road.

Video of the unusual truck removal was shared by the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) on Thursday.

NDHP explained why the snow plow removal was necessary and even went into the legal basis for their action:

North Dakota Department of Transportation and the #NDHP work diligently to open roads quickly after road closures. This can be delayed when abandoned vehicles block the roadway. When the preferred method of using towing companies isn’t an option due to the high number of vehicles to be moved, North Dakota law permits law enforcement to use discretion in removing vehicles to restore traffic flow. In the video, NDDOT and NDHP use an unconventional method and carefully push a trailer a few feet out of the roadway’s traveling lane.

See the video below.


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