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VIDEO: Peterbilt ‘destroys turbo and catches fire’ at Onaway Speedway


Flames shoot from the stack of a truck participating in a loaded race at the Onaway Speedway as it crosses the finish line in this wild video.

The video was shared by 1320video on July 19, and it features Michael Ostetrico of Mo Power Enterprises in a sage green 1994 Peterbilt taking part in big rig racing events.

While participating in the Day 2 loaded races (120,000 pounds) at the Onaway Speedway, in Onaway, Michigan, the Peterbilt blows a turbo as it nears the finish line. Flames shoot from the truck’s stack.

In video captured in the cab of the truck, you can hear Ostetrico remark, “That ain’t good” as he notices the problem.

Later, when Ostetrico opens the hood, you can see more flames, but firefighters are on hand to help extinguish the blaze.

Remarkably the Mo Power team is able to replace the turbo and continue on with the events at the speedway.

“This was an interesting experience..standing right at the finish line of Onaway Speedway’s uphill drag strip as 280,000 pounds of American metal and lumber come racing towards us, and what happens? A turbo is absolutely shredded 15 feet away from our faces – sending metal fragments and smoke up into the air as if it were apart of the show. While somewhat sketchy, it was something we’ll never forget and something that will bring us back to Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge for years to come!” 1320video said.

Check out the video below — it starts with the blown turbo race, but you can rewind for a better look at the earlier bobtail races and the modifications made to the Peterbilt to get it ready for the track.


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