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VIDEO: Pickup driver throws drink at semi because driver wouldn’t let him merge


A trucker’s dash cam captured the moment that a pickup driver’s attempt to merge turned into a major road rage incident, complete with drink-throwing and a roadside confrontation.

The dash cam clip was captured on I-20 in Canton County, Texas, and shared this week by TikTok user Kenny Coleman.

In the video, Coleman is traveling in the right lane and says he’s unable to move over for a pickup trying to enter the roadway because of another truck in the left lane. As the pickup’s lane ends, the motorist is left with nowhere to go and forced to slam on the brakes. Moments later, the pickup passes the semi on the left. The pickup driver tosses a drink at the truck and continues down the road while Coleman lays on the horn.

Both drivers pull off at the next exit.

“Dude what’s your problem? I had nowhere to go!” Coleman says as the pickup driver gets out to confront him.

The pickup driver climbs up on Coleman’s truck and an argument ensues. The pickup driver claims he’s also driven trucks and says “You’re telling me you can’t tap the [brakes]?”

Both men call the police.

Check out part 1 of the video below.

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In the follow up video, the police arrive on the scene and deescalate the situation.

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