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VIDEO: Pickup refuses to yield for trucker’s turn, chaos ensues


A pickup refuses to make room for a turning truck driver in this dash cam clip. 

In the video, a truck driver is attempting to make a turn at an intersection but there is a pickup in the way – a stubborn one at that. As the trucker turns, he comes face to face with the pickup, who refuses to back up to give the truck some space to complete the turn. 

The two vehicles are then left in a standoff with the big rig’s trailer partially blocking the intersection. As the light changes and the pickup continues to refuse to move, other motorists become fed up with waiting and blow past the trailer, squeezing through lines of traffic to make it past the standoff. 

Eventually, a police officer pulls up to the stubborn pickup and appears to explain to the motorist that he had to be the one to back up, or the situation will never be resolved. The pickup driver eventually throws it in reverse, allows the trucker to pass, and then pulls back up to the front, where the officer appears to throw a few more choice words his way. 

Check out the video, below. 


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