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VIDEO: This is what the aftermath of a blown steer tire looks like 


A car hauler lost control after blowing a front tire, but the situation ended in a best case scenario. 

This video shows the best possible ending for a car hauler with a blown steer tire – but the situation could have ended very differently. 

In the clip, an uninvolved truck driver has walked up to the scene to record the situation after stopping just in time to avoid a collision with the wayward car hauler. 

“This is what happens. Front tire blowout – lose control. He came from that side,” the filming driver said, pointing the camera at the opposite side of the highway. “If i was driving any faster, me and him would have collashed [sic].”

At first, it’s unclear if the wrecked driver is okay, but after a bit, he pops out from behind the wrecked truck to ask “is that your truck over there?” to the filming trucker. 

“Yeah!I seen it on the dirt, I was like wtf so I started slowing down,” he explained to the wrecked driver. 

“Oh, I was worried about you man!” the wrecked driver exclaims. “I didn’t wanna f*ckn run into nobody.”

“Front tire blew up,” he continued. “I tried to f*ckn get it but I couldn’t. That’s it. It’s f*ckn done.”

“If I woulda kept going speed we woulda hit,” the filming driver concluded. 

“Driver looks 100% okay. Good to see,” wrote one viewer. 

“Single vehicle accident and a 10 car pileup all in one!” added another. 

We’re just glad this ended as well as it could have. Watch the aftermath of the crash for yourself, below.


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