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VIDEO: This motorist is wondering if you know what this rig is hauling


A filming motorist is asking for some help in identifying this oversize load he captured on camera. 

In the video, the filming four wheeler claims he asked the California Highway Patrol escort what the rig was hauling and the officer told him it was “a big rock.” As the truck rolls by, you can see the tightly tarped object surrounded by metal rigging, and it doesn’t quite look like “a big rock.”

The dude filming appears convinced that the trapped object is a UFO, and even filmed the truck heading down the road in front of him with a song shouting “aliens” playing in the background. 

Do you have a guess as to what the object actually is? Check out the video, below.

@waterboy49 7-14-21 #ufo #alien #spaceship #paranormal #werenotalone #california #fyp ♬ The X Files Theme – John Beal

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