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VIDEO: This out-of-the-cab semi truck parking maneuver sparks controversy


A video featuring a questionable truck parking technique that went viral is leaving some viewers impressed and others concerned about the safety of the unusual maneuver.

The 54 second video clip featuring a man who appears to be backing a truck into a parking space while standing outside of the cab has been viewed millions of times in a matter of days.

Check out the video below (warning — do not try this!)

The video has sparked a flurry of mixed reaction among viewers. Some commenters are amused or impressed by the driver’s confidence and skill, but others are worried that the video sets a dangerous example.

“Plz don’t train nobody to do this, I already fear my truck being hit and to imagine somebody parking next to me doing this smh,” one person said.

“This looks cool but it damn sure ain’t practical. It works for an empty parking lot. Try this at a warehouse or backing in from the street and it’s a recipe for disaster. Not taking anything away from the brother, just being practical and honest,” said another commenter.

“1. It was smooth af 2. He the instructor. He literally backs the same truck and trailer up in the same spot about 1000 times a week with his students. He knows where every line, bump, and rock is in that lot,” another person pointed out.


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