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VIDEO: Trucker has to ‘Indiana Jones’ his way through a falling highway sign 


A truck driver managed to pull off an evasive maneuver while suffering from a migraine in this “Indiana Jones” type situation. 

In the dash cam video, the driver is traveling along a highway with what he describes as a “terrible migraine” when a truck up ahead blew a tire and lost control. The truck then crashed into metal frame holding up the highway signs, causing the signs to topple over.

The filming driver is heading straight towards the falling signs when he realizes what is happening and cuts it left, narrowly squeezing his truck under the highest remaining portion of the fallen signs. 

“Always stay alert!” the driver advises in the video caption. 

“I’ve had to react quickly to stuff before, but I’ve never had to “Indiana Jones” my truck in the middle of the highway,” commented one viewer. 

“Wow I’ve seen a ton over the road over 20 years .. but never had a giant overhead road sign try to fall on top of me! Great evasive driving,” added another. 

“Loved your head duck in the truck lmao,” added another. 

Check out the video for yourself, below. Try not to duck!


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