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VIDEO: Trucker manages to remain calm (and nice) after four-wheeler’s ignorance causes accident


A truck driver captured the aftermath of a minor accident, and manages to stay nice about it, in this short video. 

In the clip, filmed on Interstate 75 southbound in Sarasota, Florida, the rear windshield of a car can  be seen busted out and the back passenger side has been crumpled.”

“I’m Allen, by the way,” the driver starts as he speaks to the four-wheeler who clearly made a bad choice. 

“So I didn’t do that,” he says. “You were right beside me and then all of a sudden…. ‘Boom!’ and i was like ‘wtf’ and all of a sudden you were there. You can see where you were coming over.”

The four-wheeler issues a series of embarrassed and shaken ‘yeahs’ as he agrees with the driver’s assessment of what happened. 

“You gotta remember man, I can’t see you,” the trucker continues. 

“Yeah no, it was my bad,” the motorist asserts. 

“I’m glad, I’m glad you’re okay man but listen, hey,” the driver continues. “Look at this, I’m okay, you’re okay, and that’s all that matters bud.”

According to his comments on his own video, the trucker then invited the shaken motorist to hop in his cab and check out the view so that he could better understand what the trucker really meant by “I can’t see you.”

The trucker also says his Kenworth suffered some bumper damage, as well as damage to one tire.

“Nice job being nice about it,” praised one viewer. “There’s a lot of truckers that would be blowing a fuse over it.”

Watch the video for yourself, below.

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