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VIDEO: ‘Water Over Road’ sign isn’t kidding


A ‘Water Over Road’ sign isn’t kidding around in this late-night trucking video. 

In the clip, a driver in Australia is making their way down a dark road at night when they pass a few signs warning of water over the roadway. The driver doesn’t seem to slow down, probably thinking nothing of it, when he suddenly encounters an entire pond sitting on the road. 

The driver plows straight through the water, covering the windshield, until he finally makes it to the other side. 

“Brake hard at 80 tons and you run the risk of heat cracks in the brake drums when they hit cold water. No it didn’t look too deep until the last moment. Best to ride it out,” the video poster wrote in the comments.

“So you’re telling me that your K100 identifies as a boat now?” wrote one viewer. 

“I wish we had undercarriage washes like that in the states,” added another. 

Watch the video for yourself, below.


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