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VIDEO: Weaving, speeding four-wheeler clips semi at high speed


A speeding motorist was caught driving and behaving very badly in this trucker’s dash cam clip.  

In the video, a trucker is just driving along minding their own business when a speeding motorist weaving through traffic cuts it way too close to his rig, clipping the front driver’s side. The four wheeler then almost loses control of the car but gets it under control and speeds away, continuing to weave through traffic. 

It just so happens that a police cruiser was in the area at the time, so the officer flipped on his lights and pursued the car, on his way to serve up some justice. 

“A wanna be drifter. He’s been watching too many movies,” the trucker wrote of the incident. 

Luckily the driver is okay, but his truck did sustain some minor damage, which he showcases via some photos at the end of the video. 

Check out the footage of the bad behavior, below. 

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