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Watch as a trucker helps a fellow driver in real time 


A truck driver was able to capture the entire aftermath of a wreck on video in this harrowing video. 

Trucker Curtis was traveling behind a truck hauling paper rolls on Interstate 84 in Oregon south of Dixie when the truck rolled, partially blocking traffic and giving the driver quite a scare. 

The video starts with Curtis on the phone with 911 as he pulls over and gets out to check on the other driver, who seems to be okay. When Curtis gets over to the overturned truck, the female driver is standing up in her cab with a cut on her forehead and complaining of leg pain, but doesn’t seem to be seriously hurt. 

After Curtis gets off the phone with 911, the woman asks for help in finding her phone so she can make some calls, and even claims that her seatbelt saved her life. 

Curtis then speaks with some helpful motorists and truck drivers who stopped to help and describes what he saw leading up to the wreck – the other driver speeding past him, experiencing a load shift that took her back driver’s side wheels off the ground, and then continuing to speed away until the seemingly inevitable second load shift that sent the truck toppling over. 

The wrecked driver is lucky to be alive, but Curtis seems to believe her alleged speeding was the cause of the wreck, and is surprised to hear that the rolls of paper were not tied down. 

Check out the aftermath of the wreck, below. The video is quite long, but some time stamps of note are minute 6:21, where the wrecked driver describes what happened, 7:54 when Curtis shows the damaged trailer and the load of paper inside, and minute 12:00 when help finally arrives to free the driver and investigate the incident.


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