A four-wheeler panics and stomps the brakes in front of two different semi trucks in this confusing video. 

In the clip, the motorist pulls out directly in front of a moving semi truck hauling doubles and immediately stomps on the brakes, apparently in a panic. 

The car is then either gently pushed or intentionally moves into the lane to the right, where they stomp on the brakes in front of another oncoming truck. The filming truck then rear-ends the car and pushes it into the barrier wall, where it comes to a stop. 

“Probably wanted to sit for a second to recover about what almost just happened. But also, this is why you don’t immediately go for the 2nd lane over, AND learn to react better to prevent exactly this. Can’t do stuff like this in the real world, gotta keep going,” commented one viewer. 

“The best thing always to do is panic and stomp on the brakes,” reads the video caption.

Check out the video for yourself, below.

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