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WATCH: Driver credits close call to “No skill at all. Just luck.”


A truck driver recounts his “closest call yet” in this hair-raising video. 

In the clip, the driver is heading westbound I-80 in Wyoming at mile marker 13 crossing the Rockies over black ice in April earlier this year. 

As the video opens, the driver explains the road conditions – very slippery with black ice – and even points out motorists who know what they’re doing and those who clearly do not. Eventually, a pickup the trucker pointed out loses control on the black ice. 

The pickup spins out, hits the left guardrail in front of oncoming traffic, skids to the right side of the road, and then slides back into the middle of the road. Another pickup manages to avoid hitting the spun-out driver, but the out of control pickup slowly inches closer and closer to the semi truck’s path, until there is hardly any room to squeeze by. 

Thankfully, the trucker is able to barely squeeze past the pickup without hurting anyone or anything. The driver squeezes past the guard rail and almost nudges the pickup, but makes it through without a scratch. 

“Just luck. No skill at all,” the trucker says of the incident. “The closest call yet.”

“I think  there was clearly some skill involved here along with luck as you say. Well done sir,” commented one viewer. 

“Bet the driver of the pickup truck soiled himself seeing your big rig bearing down on him,” wrote another. 

“I’m not sure where that guy was, but he wasn’t sitting up when I passed him. He might’ve been hunched down,” the trucker added. 

Check out the video, below. The uninterrupted action starts at minute 6:25, but if you want the full commentary, start the video from the beginning.


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