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WATCH: Driver gets heckled by media after seriously misjudging bridge height


A truck driver seriously misjudged the height of an overpass while hauling a massive piece of equipment in this short video. 

In the clip filmed in Nashville back in 2018, a truck driver hauling a huge piece of construction machinery attempted to drive beneath an overpass that was clearly way too low, causing $4 million in damage to the bridge and probably the piece of equipment as well. 

As the driver surveys the damage, someone who appears to be a reporter comes up to him and asks what happened in quite a snarky way. 

“Were you the one driving? Tell me what happened,” the reporter asks. 

“Bridge was too low,” responds the driver. 

“Bridge is too low? Holy Mackerel. I mean that’s possible… Or is this thing too high? ‘Cause you’ve obviously made it under every other bridge, right?” the reporter continues. 

The driver then walks away from the reporter, clearly done with his smarta** questions. 

As it turns out, “the driver was found not to have proper endorsement on his drivers license to be operating the type vehicle that he’s operating. The driver does not have a permit to be in this area,” reported The Tennessean.

Check out the unfortunate mistake for yourself, below. 


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