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WATCH: Driver gets right up in the face of a questionable Love’s employee


A truck driver got right up in the face of a Love’s employee making some questionable choices at a fuel pump in this short video. 

In the clip filmed on a cell phone, a presumed truck driver walks up to a Love’s employee standing at a fuel pump and smoking a cigarette. The man filming questions the employee’s choice to light up near the flammable liquid, but his concerns, paired with putting a camera in the man’s face, are not accepted graciously. 

“Are you filming me?” the smoking employee asks as he begins to square up to the guy filming. 

“Yes I am filming you. Do you know how dangerous that is?”

The smoking man then brushes off the concerns without hardly giving the filming man another look. 

“Can put a cigarette, or even a match out in diesel.  What explodes is built up fumes in tank,” commented one viewer. 

“You probably blocking a fuel pump while you gave this guy shit about something you have no clue about,” wrote another. 

What do you think? Did this man have the right to approach the smoking Love’s employee, or was he trying to start something? Watch the video for yourself, below. 


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