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WATCH: Driver lets out a horn blare warning when brakes fail near intersection


A driver in a dump truck managed to avoid a serious collision after experiencing brake failure in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, the tri axle dump truck loaded with chunks of concrete approaches a three way intersection when the brakes fail. The driver quickly realizes what is happening and lays on the horn, barely slowing down before maneuvering through the moving traffic without striking anyone. 

“I lost my brakes yesterday fully loaded with chunks of concrete,” explained CDLLife App member Jeff T.

“No engine brake and the brake pedal went to the floor.  I downshifted best I could.  After the light I pulled to safe area and parked the truck.”

“This was a back up truck. My truck was in the shop,” they continued. “Tri-axle dump truck. Not a tractor trailer.”

Watch the scary video for yourself, below. 


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