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WATCH: Driver of 40 years says this wreck with a teenager almost “broke his spirit”


A truck driver of nearly 40 years has gotten back on the road after some reassurance that this wreck caught on video was not his fault. 

In the dash cam video, the trucker is traveling through an intersection about to pass another semi truck on the left when a small black sedan suddenly decides they can’t stand to be stuck behind two trucks. 

The 18-year-old motorists attempts to squeeze between the trucks, from the right lane to the left, and ends up hitting the back of the truck in the right lane. The car then skids in front of the filming driver in the left lane, is struck by the filming driver, and is pushed beneath the truck on the right. The filming truck then pulls over. 

“A few months ago, my dad was involved in this accident that almost broke his spirit and his 40 year career. Reddit comments backed him almost 100% and he decided to stay on the road with a solid realization that this was not his fault. 18 yo driver was ok, suffered gash to his forehead,” the caption explained.

“Had to have been a horrible, helpless feeling. But definitely not his fault. Your dad is a resilient man. Good for him for bouncing back!” commented one viewer.

“Ho-ly sh*t. Looks like the kid got lucky,” added another. 

Watch the accident (that could have ended way worse) below. 


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