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WATCH: Driver seems to be looking for a fight after fellow trucker “almost” hits his rig lining up to a spot


A truck driver appears to be looking for a fight after a fellow driver comes close to his rig while lining up for a parking spot in this video. 

In the clip, the filming driver is in the process of successfully backing into a tight parking spot when another driver marches up to his cab and starts shouting. 

The angry driver then accuses the filming driver of “almost” hitting the front and the back of his truck, takes down the filming driver’s information, and proceeds to not only insult him, but challenge him to a fight and threaten him with a “branding iron” he has in his cab. 

The filming driver manages to keep his cool and heaves a big sigh before turning off the camera and presumably continuing his evening. 

“Psycho truckers are a thing,” reads the video caption. 

​​”I was lining it up. I saw empty space between our rigs. No contact. This man is like a barking dog as you walk in front of his yard,” the video poster wrote in the comments. “Territorial agro monster.”

“He did all the because you almost hit his truck?” commented one driver. “I though that was the name of the game.”

Check out the driver’s calm and cool reaction to a driver who was just looking for a fight, below.


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