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WATCH: Dude hurls bike straight into path of trucker


A man chucks a bicycle into the path of an oncoming semi truck along a very dark road in this surprising video. 

In the clip, a driver is traveling along a very dark road when he notices something in the right lane. As he peers ahead trying to figure out what is going on, what turns out to be a person suddenly rolls their bicycle straight into the path of the truck. 

Thankfully, the trucker hardly flinches and keeps the wheel steady, presumably crushing the bike as he continues on his way. The driver then checks the mirrors multiple times, presumably to ensure no one is following him and that the bike was not caught up in his wheels.

“Do I feel more bad for the guy with no bike now in the dark? Or the truck driver who is confused?” wrote one viewer. 

“The guy probably has a car stashed nearby and is most likely trying to rob/kill the truck driver,” added another. 

Check out the bizarre video, below.


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