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‘WATCH FOR BLIND SPOTS’ — Dramatic dash cam shows big rig pushing car sideways down Oregon interstate


Oregon State Police (OSP) shared dash cam video to illustrate to motorists why they should stay out of a truck’s blind spots.

The two dash cam videos — one from the truck and the other from a car that was pushed sideways along the interstate — were captured on May 1, 2022, on northbound I-205 near Clackamas.

“A passenger car was slowly passing on the right of the CMV, when the CMV drifted partially into the right lane striking the car. The car ended up spinning and becoming lodged in front of the CMV as it continued down the interstate. The car was pushed sideways for almost a mile before both vehicles came to a stop. The driver of the CMV was not able to see the passenger car as it was on the side and below the driver’s line of sight,” OSP explained.

No serious injuries were reported.

“Let this serve as a reminder to always be aware of the vehicles around you. Large Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) have more blind spots than regular passenger cars. The drivers can’t always see around them. So, when driving around a CMV, pay extra attention and avoid driving too long in their blind spots,” OSP said.

“The second video is of poor quality and has audio, but we think you will get the point,” OSP said.

Check out the dash cam videos below.


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