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WATCH: People’s Convoy gets egged passing through Assembly-member’s neighborhood


The People’s Convoy is still rolling to the dismay of some California residents – this time in opposition of a controversial bill unrelated to COVID-19. 

On Friday, April 22nd, the Convoy made its way through a neighborhood on the border of Oakland and Berkley, the home of Assembly-member Buffy Wicks, to protest Bill 2223 – a bill that some believe would ‘legalize infanticide.’ 

As the convoy rolled through the neighborhood, residents blocked the road, threw up their middle fingers, hurled insults, and even chucked raw eggs at convoy participants. Besides potentially damaging paint, some eggs even made it through open windows, prompting some drivers to stop their rigs, get out of their cabs, and square off with the egg-hurling perpetrators. 

Besides the eggs, no actual violence has been reported or recorded. The Convoy plans to stay near Sacramento, California for at least a week. Watch the incident, below.


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