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WATCH: Raging driver terrorizes small town 


A trucker’s dash cam caught a fellow driver having what appears to be some sort of meltdown in this video. 

In the clip, a trucker is making his way along a street in McDermitt, a small town straddling the border of Nevada and Oregon, when he notices a driver leave a dirt lot and plow straight towards a pickup truck. 

“I was driving into Mcdermitt, right at the border of Nevada and Oregon, and I see this dude in the red semi pull out of the parking lot. I just saw the dude launch towards the pickup truck. He missed them, and then there was another little white car. He hit that car,” the semi truck then disappears around the corner behind a building. 

“What you guys didn’t see, he hit another car that was parked around the building. At that point I thought he was going to take off… go the other way away from me. So I was gonna pull over…. But nah,” the filming driver explained. And the drama only continues from there. 

“So the guy [truck driver] ended up turning towards me and I was focused on that guy. I didn’t see that little pickup truck coming out of the gas station until he was like pulling out. I guess he saw me pulling over and decided to go. I really think the trucker was trying to smash that pickup truck between my truck and his truck but as you can see I moved out the way. It clipped the back tire and f**ked up the rim on my truck but it was repaired.”

The filming driver then explains that he pulled into the nearby dirt lot, turned around, and got back onto the main road when he noticed that the rampaging truck driver had stopped his truck and barricaded himself inside. The filming driver then stopped and got out of his own rig and went over to the rampaging truck while other witnesses went to check on the motorists hit by the angry driver. 

“I could hear him messing with the air brakes. I guess he was still trying to move or something. I disconnected his air lines to the trailer so he couldn’t move and we just waited for the cops. Took about an hour for them to get there.” The filming driver says it took about 10 minutes for police to get the driver out of the cab once they showed up. He says the driver walked out of the cab himself without much of a fight. 

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the ordeal. The filming driver says that the guy was arrested on felony charges, but it’s still not clear what started the whole incident. 

Check out the video of the incident and an explanation of what occurred, below. 


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