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WATCH: Semi truck captures ODOT mower struck by four wheeler 


A semi truck dash cam captured video of a four wheeler smashing directly into an Ohio Department of Transportation mower last week. 

The video was filmed on southbound Route 11 about two miles before the Lisbon interchange just after 7:30 a.m. on June 3rd. 

In the video, the SUV is driving in the left lane alongside the semi truck when it begins approaching the ODOT mower, seemingly unaware it is there.

The motorist gets closer and closer until they finally seem to realize that a collision is imminent. They manage to put their blinker on, but do not move into the right lane in time, and smash directly into the mower. The force of the collision sends them skidding into the right lane and then back over onto the left shoulder and into the guardrail. 

The motorist, 44-year-old Harriet Cortez suffered minor injuries in the crash. She received a citation for failure to maintain an assured clear distance ahead. Troopers say that impairment was not suspected and no distractions were reported. The mower driver was not injured, reported 21 WFMJ News.

Check out the video for yourself, below. 


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