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Watch this four-wheeler break a driver’s 40 year accident-free streak 


An overeager four wheeler broke a trucker’s 40 year accident-free streak in this frustrating dash cam clip. 

In the video, the filming driver is in the left lane about to pass a slower rig when an off-camera four-wheeler suddenly decides they can’t possibly wait for one truck to pass another. Just as the filming trucker reaches the back end of the truck ahead, the sedan attempts to squeeze through the gap but misjudges the distance. The car then bounces off the slower trailer and into the front end of the passing driver. 

“My dad has been an over the road trucker for 40 years and has never had an accident… until today,” reads the video caption. 

The wreck certainly looked serious, but the video poster says that the motorist “had a head gash but ok otherwise.”

“Just a dumb kid trying to get around some trucks.”

Check out the streak-ending video, below.


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