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Wisconsin State Patrol to conduct aerial traffic blitz this week


The Wisconsin State Patrol (WSP) will take to the skies to enforce traffic laws on Tuesday and Friday.

WSP says that two aerial enforcement efforts will take place this week, weather permitting.

The Tuesday enforcement will take place along I-94 in Dunn County.

The next aerial enforcement is scheduled for Friday, February 18 in Walworth County on I-43.

“Our goal is for all motorists to comply with traffic safety laws every time they travel. Speeders who take risks jeopardize the safety of others,” WSP said.

​According to the WSP website, the State Patrol’s Aircraft program consists of three aircraft (including three Cessna 172 Skyhawks) and five pilots. This program provides aerial support to ground-based units in traffic law enforcement. They detect speeding and reckless drivers from surveillance overhead. By use of a timing device (VASCAR) the pilots can clock target vehicles suspected of traveling at excessive speeds and then call down to waiting ground cars to initiate a traffic stop.


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