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Witnesses say ‘whole building shook’ as two semis collided on nearby highway 


Witnesses say a crash between two tractor trailers was so forceful that they felt the impact in nearby buildings. 

The crash happened in Lower Nazareth Township, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, June 29th just before noon. 

According to WFMZ News, a tractor trailer hauling lead pipes was traveling southbound on Route 33 when it suddenly crossed onto the northbound side. A northbound flatbed semi truck was then able to speed up and swerve slightly to avoid a head-on collision, but the two rigs still collided, causing the runaway tractor trailer to overturn. 

Omar Cuello, another driver uninvolved in the wreck, stopped to check on everyone involved. Cuello even translated for the northbound flatbed driver, Francisco Santos, who did not speak english. 

“The truck was coming toward him[Santos],” Cuello said. “So he sped up so he didn’t hit it head-to-head.”

“He saw him coming, so he reacted fast,” Cuello said. “That’s just human sense, like trying to survive. Nobody’s expecting a truck coming from the other side to you.”

Santos was not hurt in the wreck, but the other driver was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries. His condition has not been released. No other injuries were reported, but witnesses say that the impact between the trucks was so intense that they felt it in nearby buildings. 

“I was at the back of the store, waiting on a customer, and I just felt the whole building just shake,” said David Peters, who works at Trains & Lanes Hobbies just a short distance from the scene of the accident. “You know, you feel the whole building just like, something happened outside.”

“This whole 33, it’s really a bad road,” David Peters said. “It’s rough. Potholes…and people drive way too fast,” he continued.

Traffic was backed up until 5 p.m. as crews worked to clear the wrecked tractor trailers. The incident has since been cleared and the roadway has been reopened.


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