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Woman demanding $1000s after trucker backs into light pole


A woman is demanding thousands of dollars in compensation after a truck driver backed into a light pole, cutting power to her home. 

The accident happened back in November of 2021, but the woman, Mary Riley, says that she is still looking for financial compensation to help replace the appliance damaged in the power outage, reported 25 News.

Riley says she was in her home one evening in November when her power suddenly went out. 

“We look outside and there’s no storm or anything, but we notice these lines have been ripped down,” she said. Riley then realized that a truck driver delivering to the nearby Circle K gas station had struck the power pole, causing her microwave, washing machine, coffee pot, computer, and a power strip to short out and become unusable.

 “Without any other way to figure it out, I engaged a lawyer here in town so she could figure it out,” she explained. She says her lawyer discovered that the truck driver responsible was an employee of Circle K, and that’s when she decided to seek financial compensation. 

“By December 6th, she [my attorney] was in contact with Circle K and that’s when we had found out it was their driver,” Riley continued. 

Although power was restored to her home by the next day, Riley says that her washing machine, computer, and other appliances are still damaged and need to be replaced by the company, who she believes should be held responsible. 

“We don’t have a choice. I can’t come up with 3 to $600 to buy a washing machine,” said Riley. “Just laundry money, just items to be replaced at like-condition, we’re just under $3,000.”

Circle K has already offered Riley $1,088 after an assessment of the damages, but she says that won’t cut it. 

“I told my lawyer that would not be acceptable,” Riley continued, “I think that they are wholly neglecting the situation.”

Riley says she will not give up until she has received the compensation she believes she deserves. 

“It wouldn’t have happened without a neglectful driver taking out an entire light pole,” said Riley.


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