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Your Company Sets the Pace, Amazon Relay Keeps You Moving


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What is Amazon Relay?

Amazon Relay is a self-service portal designed for carriers and fleet owners of all sizes to find and book available work. Amazon Relay offers a wide selection of spot work and short-term contracts for your company’s equipment types. Your company can access thousands of loads at any time to fit your schedule, with quick and reliable payment options. Your company sets the pace and Amazon Relay keeps you moving.

Dwight Fairchild from Commercial Freight Services, Inc based in Detroit, MI uses Amazon Relay because of its wide variety of load options saying, “Amazon Relay has something for everybody.”

Access Loads 24/7 with the Relay Load Board 

With the Relay Load Board, carriers can view and book spot work for dry vans, reefers, box trucks, as well as port and rail drayage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all without having to pick up the phone. Don’t have a trailer? No problem! We offer a wide variety of power only loads so your company can save time and money by hauling Amazon trailers. 

If your company would rather not monitor the Relay Load Board 24/7, we offer Post a Truck where carriers can share available capacity for up to two weeks in advance. Once you set your requirements, including origin, destination and rate, we will automatically match you with loads that meet them.  

Adis Danan, owner of the Phoenix, AZ based company JoyRide Logistics says, “If you are an owner operator, Post a Truck is your dispatcher.  Post a Truck allows an owner operator to stay on the road without having to worry about searching for their next load.”

Secure Consistent Work with Short-Term Contracts 

If your company is looking to have consistent and reliable work for your drivers, Amazon Relay’s short-term contracts offer week long blocks where you can lock in rates weeks in advance. With short-term contracts your company has access to power only, one- or two-day routes with a solo driver or team routes. You also do not have to book additional work to get your driver back home, as short-term contracts provide roundtrips. 

“Short-term contracts allow consistent work throughout the week for my drivers. By using the driver app, my drivers know exactly where they are going and I do not have to think about how to get them back home.  With short-term contracts I haven’t had to worry about deadhead miles or keeping track of hours of service because Relay does the work for you,” says Dwight Fairchild, owner of Commercial Freight Services, Inc.

Bid Preferred Rates with Auctions 

Carriers use Auctions to bid their preferred rates on trailer-required contracts with transparency into the current lowest bid and auction close timing. Trailer-required contracts are available to carriers that meet certain asset count requirements and attend a short virtual training. 

Adis Danan with JoyRide Logistics likes the simplicity and transparency of Auctions saying “With Auctions you have the ability to be a part of the action during the bidding process.  When a lane is up for bid you have the visibility to make an educated decision based on how other carriers are bidding for that lane.”  

Unlock Special Discounts with Relay Rewards

Relay Rewards are designed to celebrate and reward hardworking carriers. Once onboarded, carriers can unlock early access to loads, as well as quicker payment options based on performance. Relay rewards also offers special promotions and discounts on critical operating expenses including fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance, and much more!

Get Started Today with Amazon Relay! 

To join Amazon Relay, click “Get Started” on our website. If you have an Amazon Prime account, click “Sign In” and use your Prime account username and password to start the application process. If you do not have a Prime account, click “Create your Amazon account” to start your Relay application today.  

Make sure to check out our frequently asked questions regarding all things Amazon Relay and more guidance on how to join us!

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