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Are truckers not honking for kids anymore?


A confused citizen recently took to Facebook to ask if there are still truckers honking for kids out on the highways after traveling for hundreds of miles without a single beep.

“Dear Semi-Truck Drivers,” the concerned citizen begins. 

“In my younger years (yes surprisingly to some we had cars) we travelled through this great nation and along our routes we encountered honorable Semi Drivers who held to a proud tradition. When a young lad or lass would see such a vehicle, they would begin pumping their arms furiously in hopes that the driver would see them and give them a loud HONK!

My recent interstate travels have become something of a rather disappointment. As I travel down the interstate, trying to entertain my 3 year old daughter. I show her this ancient rite that has sadly been lost to history.”

“With 500 miles or so of research,” he continues, “I have had 0 Semi- truck drivers honk for my child. This isn’t a case of not seeing her, because on my most recent trip my wife was conscripted into this endeavor. Sadly, I finally honked my horn (trying to get the drivers attention) and my daughter assumed it was the Trucker and was happy.”

“Why are Truckers no longer honking? Is there some law that needs to be overturned to change this horrible travesty? We as a generation need answers!”

As far as we know, there are very few drivers who don’t love honking the horn for passing children doing the arm pump. What explanation might there be for 500 miles of ejected arm pumps? 

Check out the post below. 


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