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Dash cams catch car smacking into semi while making last second exit attempt


A semi truck outfitted with multiple cameras captured a collision involving a possibly distracted motorist as they try to catch their exit from the left lane.

The video was captured on I-70 in Pennsylvania.

In the video, a car traveling in the left lane cuts in front of the dash cammer’s truck traveling in the right lane in spite of the horn warning from the truck driver. The crash causes both vehicles to crash off of the interstate into a grassy area at Exit 11.

“I want to get the word out to everyone I can that distracted driving is very costly. My husband and I were hit while in our semi in Pennsylvania. The other driver was a young man who was on the phone. During the entire accident and aftermath, he never got off his phone. Now, for those of you who know us well – we have 16 cameras on our truck with no blind spots,” said dash cammer Regina Glacies in a social media post.

Check out the video below.


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